Checklist for Wedding Hair

If you are a hairstylist, then the wedding season must be very busy for you. There are so many brides out there who want to get their hair done professionally.

To provide the best service to the client, you must be organized and have all the necessary resources available beforehand. Here is the checklist you should follow to ensure that you can provide the best wedding hair to your client.


Featured image Checklist for Wedding Hair Location - Checklist for Wedding Hair

You should talk to the client to decide where she wants to do the hair, at your salon or home? You should be comfortable providing service in any place. If it’s going to be at the client’s home, you need to be well prepared with all your tools and other hair-related stuff.

Bridesmaids’ hair

Featured image Checklist for Wedding Hair Bridesmaids hair - Checklist for Wedding Hair

In many bridal packages, the bridesmaids are also included. So, if your package includes one, you should find out how many bridesmaids are going to be there. That way you will be able to decide whether you will need an assistant or not. 

Date and time

Featured image Checklist for Wedding Hair Date and time - Checklist for Wedding Hair

You should know the date and time of the wedding so that you don’t rush into things. You should always allow a buffer time of 30 minutes to deal with the last-minute touch-ups. Weddings are personal occasions and you shouldn’t mess things up by rushing.

Decide on the trial run

Featured image Checklist for Wedding Hair Decide on the trial run - Checklist for Wedding Hair

There should be a trial session so that you can understand the bride’s preferences and the look she expects. You can also communicate your styling ideas with the bride. You should also discuss the dress she is going to wear so that the hairstyle complements her dress. Providing hair styling services to a blushing bride can be challenging. But if you are well-organized, you can make the task relaxed and fun.